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We have found 4 SEO issues on 1 checked pages of website. Average response time was 163 ms. See website report below or individual reports for all crawled pages.

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Main URL: Response time: 163 ms

Passed 24 Errors 0 Warnings 2 Updated on: 2017-05-16 11:21

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Passed: Relative Canonical URL
Passed: Link Contains Underscores
Passed: Link Contains Parameters
Passed: Repeated Levels in URL
Passed: External Links Without Nofollow
Passed: Multiple H1 Tag
Passed: No Viewport Meta Tag
Passed: Missing Title Tag
Passed: Duplicated Title
Passed: No Meta Description Tag
Passed: Duplicated Meta Description
Passed: Broken Resources
Passed: Meta Description Too Long/Too Short
Passed: Incorrect Language Definition
Passed: Missing ALT Attribute
Passed: Use of Flash
Warning: No H1 Tag

Page should define one and only one H1 tag. Headings tags H1, H2, etc define page structure and helps users understand the content of a page more clearly when properly used. Keywords in H1 tag have higher weight that other keywords on the page.


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Passed: Title Too Long/Too Short
Passed: H1 Duplicates Page Title
Warning: Spelling Errors

Your page text contains spelling errors. Spelling errors make your site look unprofessional. Errors in keywords will lead to loosing organic traffic.

PageDetails Detected language: en. Found 10 spelling errors: geolocator, Artboard, facebook, github, linkedin, pinterest, snapchat, tumblr, vimeo, whatsapp.

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Notice: No H2 Tags

Headings tags H1, H2, etc define page structure and helps users understand the content of a page more clearly when properly used. Users do not read web page as a book rather they scan it. Headings receive more user attention and if you provide relevant headers then users more likely stay at your page and continue reading. Keywords in H1 and H2 tags have higher weight that other keywords on the page.


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Passed: Too Many Links on Page
Passed: Noindex Tag
Notice: Page Size is Too Big

Speed is the critical quality parameter for users and thus for search engines. Faster pages have lower bounce rate and higher rankings in search engines. Though there is no ideal standard page size we recommend it to be within 51200 bytes. How did we come up with this number? Users now more and more tend to be on mobile device. Average mobile device uses 3G connection. 3G connection speed varies between 144 and 400 kilobit per second. To satisfy and impress a user with speed HTML page and blocking referenced resources should load within couple of seconds. We set limit to 500ms and this gives us the size of 51200 bytes on average connection. Moreover if you check your page with google speed test tool it will complain about slow website if your server respond longer than 200ms.

PageDetails Current: 61350 bytes, recommended: 51200 bytes

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Passed: No DOCTYPE defined
Passed: Server and Page Encoding are Different
Passed: Blocked in Robots.txt
Passed: Meta Refresh Redirect

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