Everyone loves screenshots. Here you can look into SEOCHARGER crawler console. Click on a thumbnail to open full resolution image.

SEO Checker Dashboard

Crawler Dashboard

Provides an overview of the current SEO state of your project. You can see total number of SEO issues, latest audit results, active crawls if any, active schedules and response time statistics for last runs of sheduled checks.

Crawl Task - defines parameters of SEO audit


The heart of a project. With tasks you configure crawler options, specifies which parts of your website should be crawled and how. Here you can start a new crawl process and view crawl history, number od SEO issues found with each run, response time graph. Read more about all available crawler options

Work with SEO Issues

SEO Issues

Main section to work with SEO issues for your website. You can see list of issues found and number of pages where the issue appears. You can filter issues to display only errors, warnings or notices.

See full list of issues we check

Issue Details

Issue Details

Detailed information about the issue, including list of all pages where this issue appears. The list contains detailed information of issue for each page. For example at screenshot if you click on "view duplicats" link you will see all pages having the same Title.

We have advanced tools to work with issues. You cah mark any page as "non issue" in case you are not going to fix it and it will not appear in future crawls until something related to the issue is changed. You can delete all issues at once in case you fix it in your code and want to rescan your website. Or you can create ignore rule to totally ignore such kind of issues for specific tasks.

Website Structure

Website Structure

This section allows you to evalute how search engines and visitors view the sctucture of your website. How easy is to find a page, is your website structured well.

Here you can also have an opportunity to preview SERP snippets (titles and descriptions) for all pages of your website. Snippets are critical for CTR from search results.

All Website URLs

All URLs

Here you can find all scanned pages of your website with detailed information for each page. You can see all errors, broken links and redirects if you use filter by HTTP response status code. You can identify the slowest pages.

Use it to work on improving your website.

These are not the all but the main sections of the console. We encourage you to sign up and try everything by yourself. We have 14 days free trial that you can cancel anytime without any fee.

14 Days Free Trial

With our Free Trial period you have enough time to crawl your whole website using all our features. Use it to find and fix all SEO issues and evaluate our service on your real data. Stay with us and set up regular checks to keep your website clear from new errors.

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