Professional SEO Checker and Error Monitoring For Your Website

If you check your website SEO manually, you can automate regular checks for SEO errors, page speed, spelling and other quality affecting parameters with SEOCHARGER SEO checker so that your search engine rankings will not be harmed by technical issues.

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How It Works

SEOCHARGER is an advanced SEO checker

SEOCHARGER is an SEO checker that crawls your website like search engines do and checks all crawled pages for SEO issues, errors and more. Fixing those issues can improve your search engine optimization score and result in higher rankings for your website.

Our professional SEO monitoring allows you to schedule regular website checks. Our SEO crawler can automatically find all new pages on your website. You will be notified about new search engine optimization opportunities, spelling errors, broken links, server errors and site speed problems.

The main difference between generic on page SEO checker and SEOCHARGER is that the first one checks only the page you submit for the check while our SEO checker starts from a given page and follows all links it finds checking all pages and providing you with comprehensive SEO report. Each identified issue is an opportunity to improve your website SEO score and rank higher in search engines.

Our SEO checker has advanced features allowing you to specify many parameters including what checks should be performed, what links should be followed, authentication for restricted areas, rate limit and so on. Our online console provides you rich instruments to work with your website SEO results. You can not only review your SEO errors but also preview SERP snippets, website structure, content spelling errors and other parameters.

SEO Tools

included within our SEO checker

On Page SEO Audit

With our SEO checker, you can audit your whole website. Each page is checked against common SEO issues. You will get detailed SEO report for your website. Choose what issues to fix and improve your website SEO score. You can hide issues that are not relevant to your website. We identify all kinds of SEO issues such as duplicated content, meta tags, canonical URL, correct links and others.

Broken Links

Our SEO checker also checks for server errors and broken links. In the results section of your SEO console, you have the ability to filter results by server HTTP response code including redirects, internal server errors, 404 errors and another kind of errors such as DNS resolution problems. So you can check the entire website for broken links.

Content Spellchecker

Each page is checked for spelling errors. Occasional spelling mistakes in your website keywords can cost you some organic traffic. Web sites with correct spelling look more professional for their visitors.

Check Images, Scripts, CSS

While checking for SEO errors we also check images, linked javascript files, CSS and other resources for availability. Missing CSS or javascript files can make important content inaccessible for your users. With our checker, you can be sure that all pages have all resources they need.

You can select to check internal or internal and external resources.

Website Speed Monitoring

Page speed is one of the most important ranking factors for search engines. Our SEO checker measures page speed when checking your website. You can identify slowest pages of your website and fix website speed. If you set up regular SEO monitoring you will be notified if your website becomes slower than usual.

Our website speed monitoring is different from common monitoring software as we discover new pages and measure speed of different links. Thus our values are not affected by caching that can happen when you check an only predefined set of pages.

SERP Preview Tool

We collect titles and meta descriptions for all pages so you can see how they'll appear in a Google/Bing search results (SERP). Good titles and descriptions increase click through rate (CTR) from search results. As CTR is one of the rankings factors, pages with higher CTR rank higher in search results. Improving your titles and descriptions results in improving your search engine rankings.

Having good, easy to understand website structure not only increases usability for your users but also allows search bots to better crawl your website.

SEOCHARGER is an SEO checker intended to be a tool that you can use the way you like. We do not limit the number of pages you check. You can run it as many times you want. You can schedule checks and receive notifications when new issues appear or website performance degrades. You can find many other ways to use your SEOCHARGER crawlers. Check out all our features.

Free SEO Checker

Check your website SEO with our free SEO checkup tool

Check your website SEO, broken links, and other issues with our free SEO checker. We do exactly the same checks for every page of the websites of our customers, but the free tool is limited in the number of pages checked to protect website owners from excessive traffic. Become our client to schedule regular checks of your websites and get all the power of our tools. Create your free account now.


Why Regular SEO Audit is Important

SEOCHARGER was born from our own need to perform regular and comprehensive checks of our websites. It solves the following issues for us:

  • We can catch all errors before they appear in Google search console, stuck in the search index and harm our website rankings. If an error is recorded by Google it can take a lot of time before Google crawls your fixed page again.
  • Check all new website pages before submitting them to Google and other search engines — we can be sure that we do not submit pages with errors.
  • Every live website constantly changes. Regular checks allow us to quickly fix all issues if they appear because of the ongoing development tasks.
  • We can see how good our website performance for our users and search engines bots. Regular speed monitoring software doesn't have the ability to discover new pages and usually checks an only predefined set of pages which can be affected by webserver and database caches.
  • Ability to preview SERP snippets for all pages cannot be overrated. Easily increase CTR.

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With our Free Trial period you have enough time to crawl your whole website using all our features. Use it to find and fix all SEO issues and evaluate our service on your real data. Stay with us and set up regular checks to keep your website clear from new errors.

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