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If you check your website for SEO issues manually, you can automate regular checks for SEO, speed and other quality affecting issues with SEOCHARGER so that your search engine rankings will not be harmed by technical issues.

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How It Works


SEOCHARGER crawls your website like search engines do and checks all crawled pages for SEO issues, errors and more. Schedule regular crawls and get notified about new issues, spelling errors, broken links and site speed problems.

Use Cases

Examples of what for you can use our service

SEO Audit

Check your new website for SEO errors before submit it to Google, Bing and other search engines.

Staging Check

Run separate crawl of staging or development version of your website to check it for SEO issues, spelling errors before going live.

Find Slowest

Identify slowest pages of your website, get notifications if your website becomes slower than usual.

Review Titles

Review titles and descriptions of all crawled pages to understand how users view your site in search engines results

Broken Links

Find broken and obsolete links, missing or blocked images and other resources

Get Notified

Get notifications if accidental errors occurs because of ongoing development

You can find many other ways to use your SEOCHARGER crawlers. Check out all our features.

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You can try our technology and check any URL for SEO errors, spelling mistakes and other issues. We do exactly the same checks for every page of the websites of our customers. Become our client and start your 7-day free trial and schedule regular checks of your websites to be notified when new issues arise.

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With our Free Trial period you have enough time to crawl your whole website. Use it to find and fix all SEO issues and evaluate our service on your real data. Stay with us and set up regular checks to keep your website clear from new errors.

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